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Revamp articles, blog posts, or social media content with ease. With our AI content rewriter, you get quality rewrites tailored to your audience.
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Write once, repurpose endlessly

Reimagine your content in a way you never thought possible. Our AI content rewriter provides a fresh outlook, turning the familiar into something exciting and new. Elevate your messaging, tailored to your unique voice and audience.

Craft your words, without the fuss

Tired of manual editing? Our AI content rewriter changes that. Share access with your team, and watch your content improve in real-time. No hassle. No fuss. Collaboration has never been this easy.

Chat and edit your content in seconds with our AI driven dynamic editing
Easily revamp your drafts using our AI content rewriter's quick-edit features
Invite team members for real-time collaborative rewriting, all within the same workspace
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Dashboard mockup

Publish to WordPress in seconds

Drafted the perfect piece? Let's get it out there. With Cohesive AI content rewriter, you can directly send your masterpiece to WordPress and let the world see your creativity. The journey from drafting to publishing becomes a delightful breeze. Reach out to your audience effortlessly and make waves.

Incorporate images and hyperlinks seamlessly while you edit. Our AI content rewriter publishes them directly
Say goodbye to last-minute scrambles and hello to proactive planning. Create content calendars in advance and never miss deadlines
Optimize your content's impact by using our scheduling feature. Time your releases—from product launches to weekly blogs—to maximize engagement and buzz

Accuracy meets your brand's essence

Elevate your content with our Knowledge feature. Easily integrate with platforms like Notion, Google drive and more. This ensures every piece you produce is not only accurate but resonates with your authenticity. Experience the joy of consistent brand tonality, fact-backed content every single time.

Links: Incorporate key URLs, giving readers a deeper dive and backing your words with authority
Uploads: Mix in documents, whether it's research or drafts, to create a well-rounded piece
Connections: Blend in content from platforms like Notion and Google Drive, ensuring you leverage all your resources with the help of AI content rewriter
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Dashboard mockup

Fine-tune with flexibility

Optimize your style, sum it up or stress key points—it's all in a day's work with our AI content rewriter. Click, select, and you're good to go! You're not just rewriting; you're reshaping content into something exceptional.

Switch up the vibe of your content with ease. Need it professional or playful? You're one click away
Condense long reads into concise summaries without losing the essence. Your audience stays in the loop, effortlessly
Emphasize crucial sections of your text to make them stand out. Capture attention where it matters most, making sure your message hits home
Use cases

Every word, every idea, perfectly rewritten

From digital marketing efforts to personal blogs, our AI content rewriter ensures that your vision gets perfectly articulated. Enjoy the convenience of instantly creating high-quality, impactful text, and let every story find its voice.

Writers & journalists

Elevate your articles and stories with AI-rewritten content. Perfect for when you're battling writer's block or seeking a fresh perspective. Simple yet effective.

Marketing teams

Craft persuasive campaigns with text tailored to resonate with your target audience. From email marketing to social media captions, we’ve got your writing needs sorted.


From personal blogs to professional reports, our AI content rewriter provides clear, engaging, and effective text that brings your story to the forefront.

How does the AI content rewriter work?

From drafts to dynamic content, all within a few simple steps.

Start with our AI content rewriter

Transform your words effortlessly. Whether it's blog articles or social media posts, simply paste your text and let the magic unfold. Our AI content rewriter adapts to your writing style—ideal for pros and amateurs alike.

Customize your rewrite

Adjust tone, voice, and speech length to fit your audience. Choose your point of view or rephrase in another language. Add reference links to back up your statements and build credibility.

Hit 'Rewrite' and witness the brilliance

Let our AI content rewriter do the magic. It's more than just automation – it's collaboration with AI. Chat, suggest, refine. Maybe you'd like it to "Emphasize the sustainability of rooftop gardens."

When the content fits your vision, you're all set to inspire your audience.
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All the AI rewriting features you’re looking for

From internal memos to captivating stories, make it all happen effortlessly right with our AI content rewriter. It's fast, easy, and delightfully intuitive!

Choose your tone

Tailor your content's mood effortlessly with our AI rewriter. Perfect for setting the right vibe in everything from blog posts to emails.

Voice flexibility

Whether it's active or passive, our AI adapts to your preferred voice. A customizable feature that enhances your writing's overall appeal.

Customize your speech

Direct or indirect, you're in control of how your message is delivered. A touch of personalization that refines your content's impact.

Control the length

Opt to shorten, expand, or maintain your original content with ease. Ideal for adapting to different platforms and audience preferences.

POVs that work for you

First, second, or third person—our AI can rewrite content from any perspective. A quick switch that can transform your narrative focus.

One click language translations

Translate and rewrite your content in over 10 languages, all in a single click. A multilingual solution for global reach.

I'm a student who often has to write research papers, and paraphrasing can be a huge challenge. The AI content rewriter has been invaluable in helping me rephrase academic content while maintaining the original meaning. It's my go-to tool for avoiding plagiarism and still delivering quality work.

Jordan Smithfield
PhD researcher

As a digital marketer, I'm constantly in need of fresh content for various platforms. The AI content rewriter has been a game-changer for me, letting me repurpose older blog posts into new, engaging articles in a matter of minutes. I can't recommend it enough for content recycling!

Paul Smith
Digital marketer
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How does the AI content rewriter work?
Just paste your original text, choose your desired tone and language, and click 'Rewrite'. Our AI will rephrase your content, making it unique and fresh, all in just a few seconds.
Is the AI content rewriter free to use?
Yes, we offer a basic free plan to give everyone the chance to experience the power of AI in content rewriting.
How does the AI content rewriter handle tonality?
Tonality is one of our strong suits. You can choose from a range of tones like persuasive, informative, or playful, and our AI will rephrase your content accordingly.
Can I rephrase content in a different language?
Absolutely, our AI content rewriter supports multiple languages. Just specify the language you want to rephrase in, and voila, it's done.
Can I use the rewritten content for commercial purposes?
Of course! Our rewritten content is suitable for all commercial applications, provided you adhere to local laws and regulations.
How do I collaborate or share my rewritten content?
Click the "Share" button, then enter the email address of the person you wish to collaborate with. They'll have real-time access to view and make changes to the content.
Is there a limit to how many articles I can rewrite?
Speed is of the essence for us. Generally, your rewritten content is ready within seconds, though it could vary based on the complexity of your text.
Are there any limits to how many times I can generate content?
Yes, the free plan offers 15 templates runs. For more details you can visit our pricing page.

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Refining words with precision, making every piece editorially exquisite.

AI voices

Voices that resonate, giving life to scripts with unparalleled AI clarity.

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Crafting visuals that captivate, one AI-generated masterpiece at a time.

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