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Tweet like a pro with Tweet Generator


Tailor-made tweets, your way with the dynamic AI Tweet Generator!

Writing a Tweet or two that goes viral is an achievement and only happens once in a while. What if there was a tool like an AI tweet maker that could give you a solid headstart while writing Tweets? Introducing Cohesive AI's Tweet Generator - the must-have tool for taking your social media marketing strategy to the next level.

Time to ace your Twitter game with our tweet generator Want to share a viral tweet? A thread of best practices? A thought-provoking quote? Cohesive AI’s tweet maker helps you create all that and more.


  1. Real-time editing and refining
    Polish your tweets to perfection. Our intuitive AI editor lets you rephrase, summarize, tailor the voice and tone as you draft, ensuring your final piece rings perfectly with your audience.

  2. Multi-Language support
    Tap a larger audience base. Our Tweet Generator supports multiple languages, allowing you to create tweets that resonate with diverse communities across the globe.

  3. Generate stunning visuals
    Increase the attention span of your audience using high-quality, eye-catching images. Our AI tweet generator seamlessly generates visuals that complement your content, boosting engagement and shares.

  4. Add relevant references using Knowledge
    Create authentic tweets with relevant references using Knowledge. You can add credible sources, import personal documents and create trustworthy content.

  5. Create catchy voice overs using AI voice generator
    Expand your social media reach by repurposing your tweets into captivating voice overs using Cohesive AI’s text-to-speech tool. Our AI voice generator supports multiple languages, enabling you to diversify your content repurposing process across the globe and make you stand out on Twitter.


How to write a tweet: Quick tips to help you tweet better

Twitter has been leading the social media space for its ability to create brand awareness, attract more leads, and expand your audience. It’s very crucial to effectively leverage this power and master how to write a tweet that shouts quality. Try these 5 tips and your Twitter game will never be the same.


  1. Stick to 1-2 relevant hashtags
    It’s important to keep it short, and not cover up the tweet with multiple hashtags. For research, keep track of the “explore” tab to identify trending hashtags that work for you. If you’re running short on time, you can also use tools like hashtag generator to fast track your process.

  2. Keep it conversational
    Avoid using jargon and keep it simple and easy-to-understand for the audience. Aim to work around one specific topic to keep the audience hooked for longer.

  3. Use strong calls-to-action
    Upon reading, the audience must know what to do next. Make the next steps very clear with strong CTAs.

  4. Make it visually attractive
    Incorporating videos, clips, GIFs, and images in tweets adds a touch of personality thus increasing engagement manifolds. For videos, it’s better to include subtitles and keep the length short (preferably between 6-15 seconds)

  5. Test, test, repeat
    Let the engagement be your guide and keep evolving with every tweet. Stay on top of the formats that work, and keep monitoring recent industry trends and conversations used by other competitor brands across social media.


What all can you create using our AI Tweet generator?

A Neilson study shows that using 3 or more formats on Twitter increases brand awareness by 20% and purchase intent by 7%. So, what all can you create using our AI tweet creator? Let’s explore a few formats that work really well on Twitter:


  1. Questions
    Spark intriguing conversations and curiosity with questions that get your followers talking! Let our AI tweet creator do that magic.

  2. User-Generated Content
    Celebrate your community's stories, key occasions and promote their content using tailored, heartwarming tweets.

  3. Brand Announcements
    Become a voice of authority by sharing exciting brand announcements using attention-grabbing tweets that excite your audience.

  4. Visuals
    Add your unique personality to Twitter, using high quality AI-powered memes that keep your audience engaged.

  5. Blogs
    Expand your thought-leadership by sharing links to the blogs with bite-sized or threaded tweets that entices your readers to explore further.

  6. Testimonials
    Boost your credibility by sharing authentic testimonials transformed into tweet-worthy snippets using images and screenshots that build trust.

  7. Products and service promotion
    Highlight your products and services effectively with compelling tweets that showcase your brand in the best light.

  8. Tips
    You can share valuable advice in bite-sized tweets, positioning yourself as a reliable source of expertise.

  9. Polls
    Engage your audience with interactive polls that gather insights and encourage active user engagement.


Frequently asked questions - Cohesive AI tweet generator

  1. What is the Tweet Generator, and how does it work?
    Cohesive AI’s tweet generator is an AI-powered tool that takes your Twitter game to the next level. All you need is to input key details like target audience, tone, format and you’ll get a good, high-quality first draft. You can then edit and refine your tweet as you like.

  2. Can the tweet generator be used for different types of content?
    Absolutely! Cohesive AI’s tweet creator is versatile and can be used for various types of content, such as twitter replies, brand promotions, announcements, twitter ads, memes, polls, and more.

  3. Can I customize the generated tweets to match my unique style?
    Absolutely! Our versatile tweet generator allows real-time editing, enabling you to customize and refine the tweets as needed.

  4. Does the Tweet Generator support multi-language tweets?
    Yes, it does! Our AI tweet creator helps you create tweets across multiple languages to engage with diverse audiences worldwide.

  5. How can the AI voice integration enhance my tweets?
    With the AI voice generator, you can repurpose your tweets into captivating voice overs, extending your content's reach across various platforms beyond Twitter.

  6. Can I use the Tweet Generator for my personal brand or business?
    Yes, whether you're an individual or a business, Cohesive AI’s Tweet Generator is perfect for enhancing your Twitter presence and expanding your reach.

  7. How reliable are the AI-generated references used in the tweets?
    Our AI Tweet Generator uses an extensive library of references (links, files, and all your research materials) using Knowledge to generate factually accurate content.

  8. Can the tweet maker help me with hashtag suggestions?
    Certainly! The AI Tweet maker offers hashtag suggestions keeping the platform’s best practices in mind to boost the discoverability and reach of your tweets. You can also use our hashtag generator to get ideas quickly.

  9. Do you offer a trial period to test the tweet maker?
    Yes, we offer a free trial! Our AI tweet maker gives you a firsthand experience of creating tweets before paying for a subscription. Our paid subscription plans start from $9/month.

Create high-converting tweets in 3 easy steps


Define your purpose, voice and tone

Start by clearly defining the purpose of your tweet. Cohesive AI’s tweet creator eases this process as you can specify the target audience, choose the desired format and tone. If you are running short on ideas, our AI editor can help you with brainstorm interesting ideas as well.


Set your research process right using Knowledge

Easily import Google links, research materials like PDFs and documents or connect to Google Drive using knowledge to create factually rich content. Then click on generate to create the first draft that serves as the foundation for your content.


Edit, polish real-time and you're done!

Once you have the first draft ready, leverage our AI editor to polish your content to perfection. Make sure it aligns with your unique voice and captures the attention of your target audience. You can also leverage our AI voice generator to repurpose your tweet into captivating audio content, expanding your reach and engaging with a broader audience.