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Can't find the words? Let our AI writer find them for you. Start with a template, and soon, you'll see articles, blog drafts, and YouTube scripts appear. Easy and efficient writing, made just for you.
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Create your first draft today in seconds

Turn your ideas into words with our AI writer. With over 300+ templates, from LinkedIn posts to TikTok video scripts, creating content is a breeze. It's simple, effective, and fun. Dive in, and see your thoughts come to life.

Instantly draft and shine

Explore our AI writer and be amazed as words form right before your eyes. Imagine the efficiency- instant AI text generation that's both intuitive and innovative. Say goodbye to long waits and embrace speedy, quality content that resonates deeply with your target audience.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Your treasure trove of templates

Explore a collection of over 300 expertly crafted templates. Whatever your niche — be it blogs, scripts, or social posts, there's always a perfect starting point waiting for your touch. Dive deep into this creative realm, adapt to your heart's content, and make your mark on every piece you produce.

Accuracy meets your brand's essence

Elevate your content with our Knowledge feature. Easily integrate with platforms like Notion, Google drive and more. This ensures every piece you produce is not only accurate but resonates with your authenticity. Experience the joy of consistent brand tonality, fact-backed content every single time.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Publishing in seconds

Drafted the perfect piece? Let's get it out there. Directly send your masterpiece to WordPress, and let the world see your creativity. With Cohesive AI writer, the journey from drafting to publishing becomes a delightful breeze. Reach out to your audience effortlessly and make waves.

Collaboration made easy

Join hands and make teamwork simple. Share ideas, build on them, and create something unique. All you have to do is click the share button, add the email address of whomever you want to collaborate with. That’s all! You can now edit it together, in real-time. Using our AI writer, together, everything's possible.

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How does AI writer work?

Think it, write it, share it. From thoughts to words, generate in seconds.

Go to our AI writer

Start your content journey with us. Whether you're brainstorming an idea or have a clear picture, we've got you covered.

Choose free-flow or tap into our templates like LinkedIn posts or YouTube scripts. The clearer your descriptions are, the better the outcome.

Try something like, "An insightful dive into rooftop gardens in cities.“

Add references with our Knowledge feature

Elevate your content with trusted sources and materials:

Links: Incorporate key URLs, giving readers a deeper dive and backing your words with authority.

Uploads: Mix in documents, whether it's research or drafts, to create a well-rounded piece.

Connections: Blend in content from platforms like Notion and Google Drive, ensuring you leverage all your resources.

Hit 'Generate' and fine tune to your taste

Let our AI writer do the magic. It's more than just automation – it's collaboration. Chat, suggest, refine. Maybe you'd like it to "Emphasize the sustainability of rooftop gardens."

When the content fits your vision, you're all set to inspire your audience.

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Unlimited creativity for everyone, everywhere

With our AI writer, ideas spark to life. Simple, fun, and for all. Perfect for shaping that eye-catching Instagram post, creating standout YouTube scripts or any of your creative whims. Dive in and let your imagination find its words, no matter the platform.


From Google Ad campaigns to LinkedIn posts, our AI writer provides templates tailored for every marketing need. Elevate your messaging with crisp, targeted content.



Boost sales outreach, brainstorm product ideas, or coin the perfect brand name. We empower businesses to articulate their vision with clarity and confidence using our AI writer.



Whether it's crafting a professional email or articulating personal thoughts, our AI writer can adapt to every need. Experience refined content, tailored to your specifications.

Other writing tools

All writing needs in one place

From blogs to scripts, get all your writing needs covered with our AI writer. A one-stop solution for content that shines.

YouTube script writer

Craft scripts that give your YouTube videos a wow-factor. Make every click totally worth it. Elevate your channel, one script at a time.

Full blog writer

From idea to polished blog in a snap.  Dive into topics, with depth and flair. It’s like having an AI writing buddy.

LinkedIn post writer

Make every LinkedIn post pop and impress your network. Build connections with posts that resonate. Professional made easy.

TikTok script writer

Get TikTok-ready scripts that really click with viewers. Capture the TikTok buzz with the perfect pitch. Your reels, amplified.

Instagram caption writer

Perfect captions that make your posts stand out. Craft a narrative, one post at a time. Because every image needs its story.

Content rephrase writer

Refresh your content, keeping it fresh and engaging. Breathe new life into your words. Say bye to déjà vu.

Instagram script writer

Boost your reels with narratives that dance with your visuals. Make each reel an Instagram sensation. Ready, set, action.

Brand name writer

Discover names that stick. Kickstart your brand's journey with what fits right. Your brand’s first impression matters.

Brainstorm idea writer

Unleash a storm of ideas, always fresh, always inspiring. Navigate creativity with a guided AI touch. Your next big thing awaits.

Cold email writer

Craft emails that not only get opened but remembered. Set the stage for conversations that matter. First impressions, nailed it.

Google ads writer

Ads that don’t just get seen, but also clicked. Drive traffic with words that truly convert. Your ROI will thank you.

Content calendar writer

Plan like a pro, never miss a beat. Stay ahead of the curve, always prepared. Your content journey, mapped out.


Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.
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How do I use Cohesive's AI writer?
It's a breeze! Simply input your desired text into the provided space and hit 'Generate'. Your AI-crafted content will be presented promptly, ready for use or editing.
Why should I opt for Cohesive's AI writer?
Cohesive's AI writer is not only fast and user-friendly but also versatile. With over 300 templates to choose from, starting your document will never be a problem. You’’ll never have to worry about prompt struggles.
What guidelines apply to Cohesive's AI writer?
Refrain from crafting harmful or slanderous content and always uphold the rights of others. Please make sure to disclose the content being AI generated wherever needed.
Is using Cohesive's AI writer free?
Yes of course! Our basic plan is accessible without any subscription charges.
Can I also find images to match the content I am writing?
Yes, we offer a free text to image generation tool, where all you need to do is choose a style to get started and you’ll have your images ready in a second. Try it out here.
Can Cohesive AI also produce voiceovers?
Absolutely! We offer a free text-to-speech tool. Navigate to our AI voices section and type in your text, you’ll have your voiceover ready in seconds!
Can Cohesive AI generate content in multiple languages or handle translations?
Absolutely! Cohesive AI supports over 20+ languages, ranging from Spanish, Japanese, and French, to many others. When generating content or translating, make sure to select your desired language for best results.
How can I share content or collaborate with someone using Cohesive AI?
To collaborate or share content, simply click on the "Share" button. Then, enter the email address of the person you wish to collaborate with. Once added, they'll be able to view and collaborate on the content in real-time.
How long does it typically take for Cohesive AI to generate content?
Our AI writer is designed for speed. Typically, you'll receive your AI generated content within seconds, depending on the length and complexity of your request.
Are there any limits to how many times I can generate content?
While there are no limits on the number of words that you can generate, our AI writer is restricted on the number of templates runs. For my details you can visit our pricing page here.

Stumbling upon this AI writer was like finding a secret weapon for my blog. It helps me generate well-crafted articles when I'm short on time or suffering from writer's block. It's like having a talented co-writer who's always available.

Chris Allen

The AI writer has been invaluable in preparing my marketing campaigns. It quickly generates persuasive copy that resonates with my target audience, allowing me to focus more on strategy and less on wordsmithing. It's like having a dedicated copywriter on my team.

Karen Rodriguez
Studio Owner

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Simple, powerful AI tools to elevate your content game. Trusted by creators everywhere to bring ideas to life.

AI writer

Refining words with precision, making every piece editorially exquisite.

AI voices

Voices that resonate, giving life to scripts with unparalleled AI clarity.

AI images

Crafting visuals that captivate, one AI-generated masterpiece at a time.

Starting with Cohesive AI is easy, fast, and free.

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