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Whether you're an Instagram enthusiast, a TikTok trendsetter, or a YouTube content creator, we want to see your take on Cohesive AI.

Cash in up to $1000 per post! 🚀

Yes, you read that right! Share your unique perspective, engage with your audience, and earn lucrative rewards for every post featuring Cohesive AI. Don't miss out on this chance to collaborate, create, and cash in!
Cohesive AI Influencer Program

Your views, your earnings

The Cohesive’s influencer program offers a transparent incentive structure.
Earn $50 for every video, $100 on crossing the milestone of 100K+ views and grab $1000 for the video when it crossed 1Mn+ views.
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Cohesive Influencer Program: Turn your talent into earnings

Embarking on your creative journey with Cohesive AI is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Whether you're a TikTok sensation, an Instagram influencer, or a YouTube content creator, we've got you covered. Just remember to use the hashtag #cohesiveai and don't forget to tag us.

Create - from your lens, to the world.

This is your canvas, and the world is eager to see your perspective. Craft your content, bring your unique spin to it, and prepare to dazzle your audience with the power of Cohesive AI.
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Share - and let your audience watch.

Once your content is ready, it's showtime! Share it on your chosen platform, let your followers engage with it, and watch the interactions soar. With #cohesiveai and a tag to us, you're all set to make waves.

Get paid - your passion, now your paycheck.

Here at Cohesive AI, we believe in rewarding passion and creativity. Every post you make not only elevates your profile but also brings you closer to a handsome reward. So, keep creating, sharing, and let us handle the rest.
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Everything you need to know about the the program. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please directly DM us on Twitter:
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Who can sign up for this program?
If you have at least 1000 followers, you're welcome to apply!
Are there specific geographic requirements for my audience?
Yes. Your audience should primarily be from North and South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, or the Philippines.
How do you ensure genuine participation?
We conduct a rigorous check to weed out fake accounts, bots, or fake followers before confirming eligibility.
Are there any preferred content areas for this program?
Absolutely! We're on the lookout for creators knowledgeable about AI or those who cater to an audience actively engaged in AI topics.
How does the evaluation process work?
We focus on the views your video gets in its first 30 days. After the evaluation, expect your payment within 60 days. By participating, you also allow us to use your video promotionally.
How will I get paid?
You'll need to provide us with a one-time payment link built on Stripe, and we'll handle the rest
How do I submit my content for the program?
Dive in by signing up on our platform. Wait for our team to reach out, then film and share your content. Once done, relax; we'll handle the rewards.
Are there specific guidelines for the content?
Your video should be at least 20 seconds. We only reward dedicated videos, so make it count. Use any template you fancy but ensure 'cohesive.so' is displayed for half a second. Start with a catchy hook and guide viewers through the platform's features.

Making money from what I love seemed too good to be true, but then I gave Cohesive AI a shot. From the easy setup to the transparent payout process, everything's been a breeze. It's truly refreshing to have such a straightforward platform.

Indie developer using AI pixel art generator
Sarah Hailworth
TikTok content creator

Being an influencer has its ups and downs, but Cohesive AI has definitely been a highlight for me. Not only do I get to create as I always have, but now there's a simple and direct way to see the rewards. It's been a game-changer for my content journey.

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Josh Andrew Noah
Youtube content creator

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Refining words with precision, making every piece editorially exquisite.

AI voices

Voices that resonate, giving life to scripts with unparalleled AI clarity.

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Crafting visuals that captivate, one AI-generated masterpiece at a time.

Starting with Cohesive AI is easy, fast, and free.

Ready to take your content to new heights? Unlock the power of AI content like never before. Our intuitive interface makes creating fantastic content a breeze, while our extensive library of templates and styles guarantees the perfect fit for every project.
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