AI prompts to supercharge your marketing game

Cherry Yadvendu
October 5, 2023
7 mins
AI prompts to supercharge your marketing game

In 2017, Toyota one-upped its competition again.

Prius Prime - their flagship electric vehicle in the US - was already outperforming similar EVs in sales. To boost sales even further, Toyota teamed up with IBM and released the automotive industry’s first slew of cognitive ads via The Weather Company, an IBM subsidiary. Soon, AI-powered advertisements for the Prius Prime came up in the Weather Channel app and on

Toyota corolla logo inside car on steering wheel.
Photo by Christina Telep / Unsplash

The result of this AI marketing strategy was remarkable. They saw -  

⚡️ 20% increase in purchase considerations for the car in the 38-49 demographic
⚡️ 6000 total user conversations
⚡️ 37% boost in audience-based location targeting compared to other techniques.

Today, AI is revolutionizing marketing, providing insights for personalized campaigns and targeted ads. It is streamlining processes, automating tasks, and improving decision-making.

Before we jump to AI prompts and how to optimize them, let’s learn about how we can conduct market researching using AI.

How to personalize your marketing strategy with AI?

Traditional, tedious ways of market research are a thing of the past. With AI, your marketing workflows are automated and efficient. Today, AI tools can track customer behavior patterns and build key insights for you.

Starbucks, the world’s largest beverage chain, has already used Deep Brew, an AI platform to provide a more humanized customer experience.

Photo by TR / Unsplash

Deep Brew has been a huge success for Starbucks. Their customer base grew to nearly 18 million in 2019, and same-store sales increased 6% in the US. With Deep Brew, Starbucks is able to track customer preferences and advertise/recommend products customized to their needs. Starbucks is also one of the very first companies to incentivize purchases via their rewards program, something that has also been elevated by AI.

AI prompts for social media optimization

Social media dominates the marketing of today. With effective SMO, you can optimize content, profile, and strategies for social media, and get enhanced reach, engagement, and conversion rates in return.

SMO allows you to connect with your target audience, build brand awareness, and drive website traffic. AI-driven SMO can further help you get insights to refine marketing strategies and improve overall performance on social media platforms.

AI prompt examples for SMO can be like:

AI prompts for social media optimization
  1. How do I optimize social media content for improved SEO and more visibility?
  2. I need strategies to create social media customer service campaigns for better customer satisfaction and retention
  3. What are some ways to implement audience targeting in social media for improved engagement and conversion rates?
  4. I want to understand the SMO strategies that improve engagement and lead generation
  5. Suggest ways to optimize content for an improved experience from mobile devices

AI prompts for email marketing campaigns

We all regularly receive promotional emails. The effectiveness of an eye-catching email marketing campaign depends on a clear-cut understanding of your user base and their needs.

Email marketing campaigns have tremendous benefits. They help drive conversions, increase brand awareness, and provide valuable insights through analytics, enabling businesses to optimize their marketing strategies for better results.

Some prompts for email marketing campaigns include:

AI prompts for email marketing campaigns
  1. Create emails for new subscribers, or when existing subscribers change to a new plan
  2. Design email marketing campaigns targeted specifically for [key demographic] that contains [specific company offers or keywords]
  3. Write emails for each focus group of customers based on their age, location, or preferences
  4. Generate targeted email subject lines that will create curiosity among the receivers about [business or product]
  5. I need to design and develop email templates with high-res images promoting a certain product or business

AI prompts for influencer partnerships

More companies these days are looking to collaborate with influencers. The influencers promote the brand's products or services to their audience through various digital platforms, and brands enjoy boosted visibility, credibility, and drive engagement and sales.

AI prompts for understanding influencer marketing for your business or brand may include:

AI prompts for influencer partnerships
  1. What are the ways to track influencer-driven sales and reach?
  2. What are some ways to identify influencers who are good fits for [my business or product]?
  3. How do I build relationships with influencers to increase the visibility of my business or product?
  4. I need ways to have micro-influencers reach niche customer groups
  5. How can I use influencer partnerships to promote sustainability initiatives?

AI prompts for landing page optimization

The landing page for your brand or business is the hook to reel in users and turn them into customers. Landing page optimization, at its simplest, is the set of strategies to improve the design, content, and overall UI of your landing webpage.

A well-optimized landing page increases conversion rates, captures leads, and maximizes the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns, ultimately driving business growth.

Prompts you can use for this can include:

AI prompts for landing page optimization
  1. How do I increase conversions for [my product] from my landing page?
  2. Best strategies to perform A/B testing for a [product or business] landing page
  3. Suggest strategies to increase user visibility of [product or business] landing pages
  4. Create a landing page template for my [business or product]
  5. Write a few headlines and subsequent engaging content for my [business or product] landing page

AI prompts for data analytics in marketing

To gain valuable insights and make informed marketing decisions, you need to collect, analyze, and interpret customer data. This is often collectively called Data Analytics.

Analytics enables businesses to understand customer behavior, optimize campaigns, improve targeting, and drive strategic growth in a data-driven world.

Example AI prompts for this include:

AI prompts for data analytics in marketing
  1. What are the key performance indicators for [a type of marketing campaign]?
  2. How do I measure the success of [a type of marketing campaign]?
  3. Suggest ways to analyze data for [a type of marketing campaign] for [specific needs, e.g. improving ROI]
  4. Build insights for future marketing decisions from [marketing analytics data]
  5. Forecast the impact of [a type of marketing campaign] on customer behavior

AI prompts for content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategy, in simple terms, is an organization’s plan to generate and share content with a target audience. The content needs to be relevant and consistent to be considered valuable by the customers - hence a proper content marketing strategy can make or break a company’s ad campaign.

Some AI prompts that can help you build content marketing strategies are:

AI prompts for content marketing strategy
  1. Suggest blog posts about [a marketing campaign] targeting [a specific demographic]
  2. Create a script for a YouTube video that highlights [a product]
  3. Generate a content calendar for [a product] that creates interest and drives sales growth
  4. Create five LinkedIn posts with hashtags for [a product] with high-res images
  5. Create ten tweets or Threads promoting a sustainability campaign for [a business]

AI prompts for SEO and keyword research

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keyword research are practices aimed at improving a website's visibility in search engine results.

SEO and keyword research are responsible for driving higher rankings, more website visitors, and business growth.

Some related AI prompts include:

AI prompts for SEO and keyword research
  1. Suggest blog posts for [SEO keywords] that customers are more likely to explore
  2. Generate 10 SEO keywords for [a product]
  3. Create 5 popular questions for [a product]
  4. What are the most popular SEO strategies for [a product]?
  5. Classify search intent for [keywords related to your product]

AI prompts for audience targeting

Audience targeting is the first step in your brand strategy. It is as simple as trying to understand your customers before you launch your ad campaign.

Often a multi-step process, audience targeting requires you to analyze various factors (demographic, behavioral, and psychographic, for example) to create distinct customer profiles.

With AI tools, you can focus your efforts on the right people. This increases the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can allocate resources better and improve overall customer engagement.

Examples of AI prompts you can use for this include:

AI prompts for audience targeting

AI prompts for audience targeting

  1. I’m looking to segment our target audience based on [specific criteria]
  2. Generate analytical insight for different customer groups in our audience based on their needs and interests
  3. Segment our customers based on [criteria such as age, sex, and location] and create targeted ad campaigns for each segment
  4. Create strategies to generate marketing messages for each customer segment
  5. Split our existing customer segments into smaller focus groups that are more likely to [take custom action]

AI in marketing is a disruptive force. Infusing AI into your marketing workflow can result in increased conversions, sales, and ultimately more ROI for your business.

To leverage generative tools like ChatGPT for your AI marketing strategy, you need to master the art of prompts. But AI editors like can make this much easier - with ultra-realistic AI Voices, a plethora of prebuilt templates, easy-to-use UI, and powerful, intuitive AI algorithms driving your marketing needs to fruition.

Still on the fence about harnessing the power of AI in marketing? Wait no longer! Supercharge your marketing with AI today and unlock unprecedented growth and customer insights.

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