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Get strategic with hiring using AI recruiting assistant

Enhance your recruitment process with precision. Our AI recruiting assistant is here to help you attract the right candidates, making sophisticated talent acquisition strategies accessible and efficient.
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Craft once, connect with candidates continuously

Transform how you communicate with potential hires. Our AI recruiting assistant provides new perspectives, making the familiar job descriptions and recruiting emails into engaging conversations. Personalize your outreach, matching your company's unique culture and values.

Get your recruitment messaging right

Move past the manual crafting of job posts and candidate emails. Our AI recruiting assistant simplifies this. Share the workload with your hiring team, and see your candidate communications refine in real time. No more back-and-forth, just efficient teamwork.

Update your recruitment content quickly with our AI-powered editing
Revise your job listings and candidate emails using our quick-edit features
Bring your recruitment team together for collaborative content creation, all in one digital workspace
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Dashboard mockup

Broadcast your jobs with ease

Found the ideal job listing? Get it seen by the right candidates by creating a public URL for them to directly access it or share it with the world. Engage with candidates effortlessly and fill positions faster.

Public URL: Generate a unique public URL for your job descriptions, making them accessible and shareable online
Embed anywhere: Embed your job descriptions on personal websites, blogs, or LinkedIn profiles for a comprehensive digital presence.
Direct sharing: Share the public URL to broaden your digital outreach.

Accuracy meets your brand's essence

Enhance your job listings with our Knowledge feature. Easily integrate with platforms like Notion, Google drive and more. Enjoy crafting job descriptions that are consistent, accurate, and truly representative of your brand.

Links: Add important URLs to give candidates more context and support your hiring credibility
Uploads: Include detailed role descriptions or company information to provide a comprehensive view
Connections: Merge content from platforms like Notion and Google Drive, ensuring you leverage all your resources with the help of AI recruitment assistant
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Dashboard mockup

Tailor your hiring content with finesse

Adjust your recruiting materials just as you need them. Our AI recruiting assistant makes it easy to fine-tune your content, ensuring your messages resonate with the right candidates.

Adapt the tone of your job posts with ease, whether formal or friendly
Summarize detailed role requirements into clear, engaging listings
Highlight essential aspects of your job descriptions to attract candidates' attention where it's most impactful
Use cases

Every vacancy, every hire, shaped with care

From attracting top talent to developing your team, our AI recruitment assistant ensures your hiring process is efficient and effective. Enjoy the ease of crafting personalized, engaging job listings and candidate communications that resonate with your company’s ethos.

HR professionals

Refine your talent search with AI-assisted precision. Whether you're scouting for a niche skill set or filling multiple roles, our tool is user-friendly and robust, equipped to meet all your recruitment needs.

Hiring managers & team leaders

Develop strategic hiring plans with insights that pinpoint the right candidates. Our AI recruitment assistant gives you the edge you need for a hiring process that's both efficient and welcoming.


Create compelling job posts effortlessly, no matter the size or type of your organization. Whether you're staffing up a new venture, enriching a community project, or scaling up your enterprise, our tool simplifies the recruitment narrative, making it easy to connect with and hire the right talent.
How does it work

How does the AI recruitment assistant work?

From job descriptions to engaging interviews, all at the click of a button.

Start with our AI recruitment assistant

Turn your hiring needs into attractive job listings. Whether you’re building a team or searching for that one perfect candidate, simply outline your requirements and let the AI fine-tune the details. Our AI recruitment assistant is designed to echo your company's culture, making it a perfect match for HR professionals and team leaders.

Customize your recruitment strategy

Shape your job posts to appeal directly to your ideal candidates. Adjust the tone, length, and style to meet the expectations of the role and the values of your company. Remember to incorporate essential skills and compelling calls to action to attract the best talent.

Hit 'Generate' and witness the brilliance

It's about precision-tailored recruitment—whether you're crafting detailed job descriptions, reaching out to prospects, or building an employer brand message, our generator creates content that meets your exact requirements.

When you have recruitment content that fits your vision, you're ready to engage the market and connect with the best candidates.
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All the AI recruitment features you need

Make your hiring process easy and effective with our AI recruitment assistant. It's quick, user-friendly, and designed to understand the needs of your team and the candidates.

Set the right tone

Choose the tone that perfectly matches your company culture and the role you’re hiring for, and our AI recruitment assistant will craft your job listings to match. Whether it's professional, approachable, or inspirational, the right tone attracts the right candidates. Our AI ensures every job post resonates with your employer brand, making a great first impression on potential applicants.

Identify who you're looking for

Define your ideal candidate and watch how our AI recruitment assistant tailors your recruitment content to engage them directly. Whether it's seasoned experts, fresh talent, or a diverse workforce, specifying your audience allows us to create listings that stand out and speak directly to the people you want to reach.

Get the format that fits

Select how you want to present your opportunities. Our AI recruitment assistant can draft a brief, snappy job ad or a detailed description for more complex roles. Crafting the right content format is essential for drawing in applicants and providing them with the information they need to get excited about the opportunity.

Finding the right fit for our tech team has always been a challenge, but the AI recruitment assistant changed the game. It quickly understood the complex skills we were looking for and crafted job posts that spoke directly to top-tier candidates. It's like having a recruitment expert on hand, without the hefty consultancy fees.

Jordan Andrea Primp
Tech hiring manager

As a recruiter for a busy healthcare network, I'm always looking for efficiency without sacrificing quality. The AI recruitment assistant has been a revelation. It's streamlined our entire process, from drafting job descriptions to initial candidate outreach, saving us invaluable time and attracting the right professionals effortlessly.

Indie developer using AI pixel art generator
Mia Rodriguez

Healthcare recruiter
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How does the AI recruitment assistant work?
Just type in your job opening and the kind of person you're looking to hire, then hit 'Generate'. Our AI will put together a job post or email that's sure to engage the right candidates quickly.
Is the AI recruitment assistant free to use?
We offer a basic free plan that lets you tap into AI for creating standout job listings and candidate emails.
How does the AI recruitment assistant handle different job tones?
Getting the tone right is key to us. You pick—whether it's formal, enthusiastic, or detailed—and our AI will craft your content to resonate with the potential applicants.
Can I tailor job posts for applicants from different regions?
Absolutely, our AI recruitment assistant can create job listings and communications in several languages. Just choose your preferred language, and it will tailor the content accordingly.
Can I use the job posts for my company's hiring?
Yes, all job posts are ready for you to use in your hiring process, as long as they adhere to your local employment laws.
How can I collaborate with my team on the job posts created?
The 'Share' feature lets you and your team work together on the job posts. Simply enter an email address, and your colleagues can start co-creating with you in real time.
How fast does the AI create job listings?
We value your time. Most job listing documents are generated almost instantly, though complex requests may take a little longer.
Are there any limits to how many times I can generate content?
Yes, the free plan offers 15 templates runs. For more details you can visit our pricing page.

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