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Transform average into exceptional with AI cover letter generator

Enhance your job-seeking approach in a competitive market effortlessly. Whether transitioning careers, or aiming for a prestigious position, our AI cover letter generator tailors content to narrate your professional journey compellingly.
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Craft your narrative, effortlessly

Transitioning careers or aspiring for a higher position? Our AI cover letter generator helps articulate your professional journey uniquely. Tailored to the job you're targeting, it emphasizes your strengths, aligning them with prospective employers' expectations.

Your career story, finely tuned

Exhausted from endlessly tweaking your cover letter? Our AI cover letter generator simplifies that. Share access with your friends for real-time collaborative editing, ensuring your cover letter is polished and representative of your collective skills. No hassle. No fuss. Collaboration has never been this easy.

Chat and edit your content in seconds with our AI driven dynamic editing
Swiftly refine your drafts using our AI cover letter generator's quick-edit features
Invite friends for real-time collaborative editing, all within the same workspace
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Submit to job portals in seconds

Make your cover letter accessible on the web by creating a public URL for it. We want to enable you to share your document widely and embed it on various platforms, increasing your visibility in the job market.

Public URL: Generate a unique public URL for your cover letter, making it accessible and shareable online
Embed anywhere: Embed your cover letter on personal websites, portfolios, or LinkedIn profiles for a comprehensive professional showcase
Direct sharing: Send your cover letter directly to job portals and recruiters, or share the public URL to extend your job search outreach

Precision meets personalization

Elevate your content with our Knowledge feature. Easily integrate with platforms like Notion, Google drive and more. This ensures every cover letter you produce is not only accurate but resonates with your personal and professional brand. Experience the ease of consistent personalization, accurately represented achievements every single time.

Links: Incorporate key URLs, giving readers a deeper dive and backing your words with authority
Uploads: Mix in documents, whether it's research or drafts, to create a well-rounded cover letter
Connections: Blend in content from platforms like Notion and Google Drive, ensuring you leverage all your resources with the help of AI content rewriter
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Dashboard mockup

Fine-tune with flexibility

Optimize your tone, sum it up or stress key achievements—it's all in a day's work with our AI cover letter generator. Click, select, and you're good to go! You're not just editing; you're crafting a narrative that resonates.

Switch up the tone of your cover letter with ease. Need it formal or creative? You're one click away
Condense extensive career histories into concise narratives without losing the essence. Your potential employer stays informed, effortlessly
Highlight crucial sections of your text to make them stand out. Capture attention where it matters most, ensuring your narrative hits the mark
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Every phrase, every ambition, impeccably crafted

From job applications to professional networking, our AI cover letter generator ensures that your narrative is precisely tailored to meet the expectations of potential employers. Enjoy the convenience of crafting high-quality, impactful cover letters, and let every career opportunity meet its match.

Job seekers

Elevate your applications with AI crafted cover letters. Ideal for when you're venturing into new industries or showcasing your accumulated skills. Streamlined yet potent.

Career changers

Craft compelling narratives with text tailored to echo with your professional aspirations. From entry-level roles to executive positions, we’ve got your cover letter needs covered.


From freelance gigs to full-time positions, our AI cover letter generator provides clear, engaging, and effective text that brings your professional narrative to the forefront.
How it works

How does the AI cover letter generator work?

From initial drafts to polished cover letters, all within a few simple steps.

Start with our AI cover letter generator

Craft your narrative effortlessly. Whether it's a cover letter for a job application or a networking email, simply input your text and let the refinement begin. Our AI cover letter generator adapts to your professional tone—ideal for seasoned professionals and new entrants alike.

Customize your cover letter

Adjust the tone, voice, and length to suit the job you're applying for. Choose your perspective or even translate to another language if the job calls for it. Make sure to add reference links to back up your achievements and build credibility.

Hit 'Rewrite' and witness the brilliance

Let our AI cover letter generator work its charm. It's more than just automation – it's redefining your job application process. Chat, suggest, refine. Maybe you'd like it to "Highlight the successful project management experiences."

When the content aligns with your professional aspirations, you're all set to impress your potential employers.
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All the AI cover letter refining features you’re seeking

From job applications to professional networking, craft impeccable cover letters effortlessly with our AI cover letter generator. It's fast, easy, and delightfully intuitive!

Tailored to company

Personalize your cover letter effortlessly by specifying the company you are applying to. Our AI cover letter generator adjusts the content to resonate with the company's values, culture, and job requirements, ensuring a tailored approach that stands out.

Position flexibility

Indicate the position you are targeting, and let our AI cover letter generator craft a narrative that underscores your suitability and enthusiasm for the role. From highlighting relevant skills to showcasing your career achievements, ensure your cover letter is position-centric and compelling.

Reference links

Enhance your cover letter's credibility by seamlessly incorporating reference links. Whether it's linking to your LinkedIn profile, online portfolio, or specific projects, our AI cover letter generator helps you provide verifiable evidence of your professional journey, making a stronger case for your candidacy.

I was transitioning careers from a marketing role to a tech-focused position and had no idea how to articulate my transferable skills in my cover letter. The AI cover letter generator helped me tailor  for the new role, highlighting my previous achievements in a way that was relevant to the tech industry. It was a game changer.

Alex Mercer
Digital marketing specialist

As a recent graduate, I found myself applying to numerous positions daily. It was overwhelming to keep tailoring my cover letter for each position. The AI cover letter generator was a lifesaver. I simply input the company name, position, and added links to my projects; the generator crafted personalized cover letters. It took a load off my job-hunting process, making it less stressful.

Taylor Nguyen
Digital marketer
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How does the AI cover letter generator work?
Simply input your basic information, specify the position and company you're applying to, and click 'Generate'. Our AI will craft a personalized cover letter, enhancing your professional narrative, all in just a few moments.
Is the AI cover letter generator free to use?
Yes, we offer a basic free plan to provide everyone the opportunity to experience the power of AI in cover letter creation.
How does the AI cover letter generator handle tonality?
Tonality is our forte. You can choose from a range of tones like formal, enthusiastic, or humble, and our AI will tailor your cover letter accordingly.
Can I create cover letters in a different language?
Absolutely, our AI cover letter generator supports multiple languages. Just specify the language you want in default settings, and voila, it's done.
Can I use the generated cover letter for job applications?
Of course! Our generated cover letters are suitable for all job applications, ensuring you present a polished, professional front to potential employers.
How do I collaborate or share my generated cover letter?
Click the "Share" button, then enter the email address of the person you wish to collaborate with. They'll have real-time access to view and make changes to the cover letter.
How long does it typically take for the AI to generate a cover letter?
Speed is crucial for us. Generally, your personalized cover letter is ready within moments, although it could vary based on the complexity of your information.
Are there any limits to how many times I can generate content?
Yes, the free plan offers 15 templates runs. For more details you can visit our pricing page.

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