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Boost outreach with AI cold email generator

Take your cold emails to the next level. Our AI cold email generator helps you craft personalized, attention-grabbing emails that resonate with your prospective clients.
Trusted by 1 million users who use our AI cold email generator to enhance their prospecting
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Compose once, connect endlessly

Imagine your outreach reinvented. Our AI cold email generator offers a new perspective, transforming standard introductions into conversations starters. Elevate your cold emails, crafted to echo your distinctive tone and reach your target audience.

Create impactful emails, hassle-free

Forget the tediousness of crafting emails from scratch. Our AI cold email generator revolutionizes the process. Share the workload with your team and see your emails evolve on the spot. No complications. No delays. Working together just got smoother.

Chat and perfect your emails quickly with our AI-driven live editing
Swiftly refine your drafts with the AI cold email generator's swift editing tools
Collaborate with colleagues in real-time, enhancing your emails in one unified space
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Dashboard mockup

Expand your reach with AI cold email generator

Send your emails out into the world with just a click. Create a public URL for your messages and share them far and wide. With our AI cold email generator, you can boost your digital presence effortlessly.

Public URL: Instantly get a shareable link for your emails to increase your digital footprint
Embed with ease: Place your emails into websites, blogs, or LinkedIn to showcase your communications
Share seamlessly: Spread your message by sharing the URL, making your emails more accessible than ever

Precision meets personalization

Refine your emails with our Knowledge feature. Easily integrate with platforms like Notion, Google drive and more. This ensures every email is not just precise but also a true reflection of your brand. Feel the satisfaction of consistent, accurate, and personal communication every time.

Links: Incorporate key URLs, providing readers a deeper insight and backing with authority
Uploads: Add your research or previous correspondence to build on past interactions
Connections: Merge inputs from various platforms, ensuring a well-rounded approach with our AI cold email generator
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Fine-tune with flexibility

Adjusting your approach is effortless with our AI cold email generator. Select, click, and you're on your way to creating something truly memorable.

Adapt the tone of your email with a simple click, from professional to approachable
Summarize extensive information into digestible emails that keep your reader's attention
Highlight key information to ensure the focal points of your message stand out
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Every correspondence, every message, meticulously composed

From professional outreach to personal notes, our AI cold email generator ensures your communication is captured with precision. Experience the ease of instantly generating high-quality, impactful emails, and let every message you send reflect your intent.

Business professionals

Make your emails work as hard as you do. With our AI cold email generator, sending messages that get straight to business is a breeze. It's like having your own assistant to handle the formal stuff, so you can focus on the handshake.

Marketing professionals

Get your audience clicking with emails they actually want to read. Our tool helps you whip up offers and news they can't ignore. It's all about emails that feel like they're just for them, even if they're for everyone.


Send emails that get a 'hey, thanks!' back. Our AI cold email generator helps you write like you're chatting over coffee, even when you're just checking in or dropping big news. It's your go-to for messages that make someone's day a bit brighter.
How it works

How does the AI cold email generator work?

From drafts to dynamic correspondence, all within a few simple steps.

Start with our AI cold email generator

Turn your ideas into emails that open doors. Whether it's for business outreach or a personal note, just start typing and watch the words come to life. Our AI cold email generator gets your tone just right, whether you're all about business or keeping it casual.

Shape your message

Tailor your email's voice, length, and style to fit who you're talking to. Switch it up to speak their language or keep it universal to reach wider. Pop in those personal touches or data points that turn a maybe into a yes.

Hit 'Rewrite' and witness the brilliance

Watch as our AI cold email generator turns your words into connections. It's your sidekick in this digital dance—suggesting, tweaking, perfecting. Need to make a big splash with a new product? It's on it.

When your email reads just how you imagined, that's when you hit send. Ready to get replies?
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All the AI email crafting capabilities you desire

Handle everything from daily check-ins to big news blasts smoothly with our AI cold email generator. It's fast, no-nonsense, and super easy to use!

Pick your perfect tone

Go for the tone that fits your vibe and your message, and our AI cold email generator will take care of the rest. You want to sound official? Friendly? Straight-up persuasive? We've got you covered. Our AI makes sure every email feels like you, keeping it real with every send.

Know your audience

Point your emails right at the people you want to talk to. Our AI hones in on who you're reaching out to—industry folks, your fanbase, or the crowd at large. When you tell us who they are, we tailor your emails to catch their eye and hold their interest.

Get the format just right

How do you want that message packaged? Short and sweet or with all the trimmings? Our AI shapes up emails that fit just what you need, from brief updates to in-depth pitches. Choosing the right format means keeping your readers hooked from hello to that call-to-action.

Launching a startup means reaching out to a lot of people, and fast. The AI cold email generator has been a revelation. It's like having a communications expert on hand 24/7, ensuring my emails are on point and getting read. It's saved me countless hours and made connections that have been vital for our growth

Evan Roberts

I manage fundraising campaigns for various clients, and personalization at scale is always a challenge. With the AI cold email generator, every email feels like it was written with care, not like a template. Our response rates have gone up, and our messages stand out in busy inboxes. It's been a real game-changer for us.

Sophia Liu
Fundraising coordinator
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How does the AI cold email generator work?
Kick off your email with just an idea and who it’s for, then tap 'Generate'. Our AI jumps into action, drafting an email that’s full of life and likely to get a reply, all in a snap.
Is the AI cold email generator free to use?
Yes, there’s a no-cost plan ready for everyone. It’s a chance to see AI transform how you do emails without opening your wallet.
How does the AI cold email generator fine-tune the tone?
Getting the tone spot-on is what we do best. Choose from business-like, friendly, or even playful tones, and watch as the AI cold email generator tweaks your email to make it just right for the people you’re talking to.
Can I tailor emails for different languages?
Our AI cold email generator speaks many languages. Pick the one you need from your settings, and it’ll craft a message that hits home, no matter where your readers are.
Can I use the emails for commercial purposes?
Absolutely! Our emails are prepared for all commercial uses, just be sure to follow local laws and regulations.
How do I collaborate on or share the emails generated?
Use the 'Share' feature to collaborate with your team. Enter an email address and your team can access the emails to view and edit together in real-time.
How quickly does the AI generate emails?
We prioritize speed. Emails are generally generated immediately, though more complex requests may take a little longer.
Are there any limits to how many times I can generate content?
Yes, the free plan offers 15 templates runs. For more details you can visit our pricing page.

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