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Transform your artistic visions into masterful sketches in just a matter of seconds. Our AI drawing generator is your go-to tool for creative excellence.
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Every line, every shade, captured perfectly

From commercial illustrations to personal sketchbooks, our AI drawing generator adds an unparalleled level of finesse to your ideas. Enjoy the convenience of turning your visions into detailed, high-quality drawings in mere seconds, where every narrative finds its form.

Designers & artists

Enhance your drawings and artistic projects with our AI-generated sketches. Ideal for those flashes of inspiration. Crafted for ease, designed for artistry.

Advertisers & marketers

Execute influential campaigns with drawings that deeply connect with your audience. From print ads to interactive media, we've got your creative needs met.


For doodlers, professionals, or anyone in between, our AI drawing generator offers intricate, evocative, and aesthetically pleasing sketches that capture the heart of any story.

Sketch your ideas, no pencil needed

Bring your imagination to the digital canvas instantly. With our AI drawing generator, narrate your scene and see it drawn up before your eyes. Discover new angles for your projects each time you use it.

Imagining made intuitive

Forget about fumbling for the right visual cue. Our sketching styles make it a cinch. Describe your ideal scene, pick your format, and voila — you get a beautiful sketch in a single click. No complications, just remarkable drawings every time.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Unparalleled brilliance

  1. Within 30 seconds or less
    In the time it takes to sip your coffee, we sketch your design. No waits, no delays – just quick, captivating visuals ready to steal the spotlight and capture hearts.
  2. Stunning 8K clarity
    While others pixelate, we refine every line. Our high-resolution output ensures your sketches captivate in every detail.
  3. Design anytime, anywhere
    Whether you’re drafting concepts on your tablet while at a coffee shop or perfecting your lines on a desktop at home, our AI drawing generator is available on all your devices.

Sharing made easy

Once your sketch is complete, sharing it couldn't be easier. Post it on social media, embed it in a blog, or include it in a presentation—our platform streamlines the process. Take your vision global with just a few clicks.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Breathtaking human sketches

Every feature, from those expressive eyes to the curve of the lips, is sketched with unparalleled precision. Our AI drawing generator brings characters to life with an uncanny realism that's not just visually stunning but emotionally authentic. Immerse yourself in sketches that mirror the human condition.

Vivid non human drawings

Whether capturing the sly smile of a fox or the noble bearing of a lion, our AI sketches bring the animal kingdom to life. We go beyond mere mimicry to capture the very soul of each creature.

Dashboard mockup

How does the AI drawing generator work?

Picture it, articulate it, and see it come to life. Transform your textual descriptions into detailed sketches in just a few moments.

Start with our AI drawing generator

Embark on your creative journey. Provide a description of the image you're looking for, whether it's a 'knight battling a dragon' or 'a serene sunset over the ocean'. The more you elaborate, the closer the generated sketch will align with your vision.

Choose your desired format

Shape your drawing to suit your specific needs. Opt for 16:9 if you're preparing a presentation, 9:16 for vertical storytelling, or 1:1 for social media posts. Our AI drawing generator provides the flexibility you need.

Hit 'Generate' and witness the marvel

Discover different shades of your AI image; every piece offers four unique takes. Once you find the one that truly resonates, it's ready to be downloaded and celebrated with the world. Let your chosen piece spark conversations and inspire others.

Step beyond drawings- explore our various art styles

Every emotion, every moment, deserves its own canvas. With our curated art styles, you're bound to find the perfect fit for your narrative.

Water color art

Immerse in the soft, fluid world of our Watercolor style. Ideal for creating dreamy, expressive visuals, this style brings the delicate touch of watercolor painting to your AI-generated art. Experience color that flows naturally, crafting ethereal beauty in each stroke.

Origami art

Fold your ideas into existence with our Origami style. Designed to bring the ancient art of paper folding to your digital designs, this style creates intricate, geometric forms that stand out. It's perfect for bringing a unique, tactile dimension to your project.

Doodle art

Unleash your imagination with our Doodle style. Designed for casual sketches and playful graphics, this style imbues your AI-generated drawings with a hand-drawn quality. Whether you want to create whimsical characters or fun illustrations, the Doodle generator adds an engaging, personalized touch.

Background art

Set the stage for your visuals with our Background style. Whether you're looking for minimalist elegance or bustling cityscapes, our AI creates the perfect backdrop for any narrative. Make your subject pop or add atmosphere with backgrounds that enhance and complete your image.


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How does the AI drawing generator work?
To create your custom drawing, all you need to do is input your text description, select the format you prefer, and click 'Generate'. Our AI processes your requirements and produces a high-quality drawing in just a few moments.
Why should I choose Cohesive AI drawing generator?
Our AI drawing generator offers unparalleled excellence by creating drawings in up to 8K quality. With a speed of 10 seconds or less, you can access your drawings anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
Is the AI drawing generator free to use?
Absolutely, our basic plan is free, giving everyone the chance to experience the wonders of AI-driven drawings.
Are the generated drawings unique?
Yes, each drawing produced by our AI drawing generator is entirely unique. This ensures that you receive an original piece every single time you generate a drawing.
Can I use these AI-generated drawings for commercial purposes?
Certainly! Our AI-generated drawings can be used for various commercial purposes including advertising, branding, and more. However, please ensure that you are in compliance with local laws when using the drawings for commercial purposes.
How can I share my AI drawings or collaborate on a design?
Sharing or collaborating on content is simple with our platform. Click on the "Share" button and enter the email address of your collaborator. They will then receive access to view and edit the content in real-time.
How long does it typically take for Cohesive AI to generate drawings?
Our AI drawing generator is built for speed. Generally, your AI-generated drawing will be ready within seconds, although this may vary depending on the complexity of your request.
Are there any limits to how many times I can generate content?
Yes, the free plan offers 20 AI images. For more details you can visit our pricing page.

The Cohesive AI drawing generator has made my job as a marketer so much easier. The quality of the drawings and the speed at which they are generated are incredible. Now, we can focus on strategy, knowing our visual content is taken care of.

Indie developer using AI pixel art generator
Sophia Harrison
Digital marketing manager

As an illustrator, I was skeptical about using an AI drawing generator. But once I gave it a shot, I was amazed at the level of detail and creativity. It's become an invaluable tool for when I'm facing artist's block or tight deadlines.

Portrait of a man
Morgan Lee
Freelance illustrator

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