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Crafting a TV Commercial Script with Cohesive AI


Ever felt that creating a TV commercial script is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle? It's about capturing the essence, the spark, the 'you' in just a few words. It sounds tough, right? But hey, that's what we're here for! With Cohesive AI, you're not just getting a tool; you're unlocking a partner in storytelling. Feed us a bit about your brand—your tagline, features, and what makes you smile—and watch as we craft a script that doesn’t just talk, but converses. Let's make your story resonate, together.


Scripting your TV commercial with Cohesive AI


Precision scripting made simple
Crafting a memorable TV commercial script is both an art and a science. Share your tagline, company details, features, benefits, and any references, and let our AI craft a script that resonates.


Voice that speaks to all
The right voice can elevate your TV commercial script. With our diverse AI voices, pick the perfect tone and accent that best amplifies your brand's message.


Tailored to your brand
Every brand is unique. Our AI dives deep into the inputs you provide, ensuring your TV commercial script aligns seamlessly with your brand's identity.


Essentials for a successful TV commercial script


Understand your message
Start with clarity. Knowing your tagline, key features, and benefits is essential for a TV commercial script that hits home.


Clear and concise
In the world of TV commercials, every word counts. Cohesive AI ensures your script is crisp, engaging, and impactful.


Add a personal touch
With the flexibility of Cohesive AI, add references or anecdotes that make your TV commercial script relatable and memorable.


Voice that matches
An engaging script deserves the right voice. Explore our array of AI voices to find the one that gives life to your words.


Keys to a TV commercial script that resonates


Flow and rhythm
A great TV commercial script has a natural rhythm. With Cohesive AI, your script flows smoothly, guiding viewers through your story.


Branding is key
Integrate your brand subtly yet effectively. Cohesive AI ensures your company's essence shines through the script.


Engage and connect
With your input, Cohesive AI crafts scripts that not only inform but also connect emotionally with viewers.


FAQs about Cohesive AI's TV commercial scripting


How tailored can my TV commercial script be with Cohesive AI?
Incredibly tailored! By inputting your tagline, company details, features, benefits, and any references, our AI crafts a script that truly resonates with your brand.


Can I select different AI voices for my TV commercial script?
Absolutely! With our diverse range of AI voices, you can pick the perfect tone, pace, and accent that complements your script.


How do I ensure my TV commercial script aligns with my brand's values?
By providing details like your tagline, company ethos, and specific references, Cohesive AI tailors the script to ensure it echoes your brand's core values.

Craft your TV commercial script in three cohesive steps


Step 1: Input & inspire

Begin by sharing your brand's tagline, key features, benefits, and any references. This ensures your TV commercial script is both accurate and authentic.


Step 2: Review & refine

Once Cohesive AI crafts your script, review and refine any elements to match your vision perfectly.


Step 3: Voice & validate

Choose an AI voice that suits your brand and brings your TV commercial script to life. Once satisfied, you're ready to broadcast your message to the world!