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Craft the best headline for LinkedIn using our free LinkedIn Headline Generator


Stand out on LinkedIn using our free LinkedIn headline generator!

Your headline for LinkedIn is one of the most important parts of your profile. It's the first thing people see when they search for you on LinkedIn, and it can make a big difference in whether or not they click on your profile to learn more.

Make your LinkedIn profile attractive with Cohesive AI's LinkedIn Headline Generator. Our powerful AI trained models create attention-grabbing creative LinkedIn headlines that puts you in the best position to get noticed by potential employers, clients, collaborators etc.


Craft attention-grabbing headlines with our free LinkedIn headline generator

  1. Real-Time Editing
    Ever felt stuck while creating a catchy LinkedIn headline? Say goodbye to the struggle! With our real-time editing feature, you can effortlessly tailor your headline until it fits like a glove, reflecting your professional identity just the way you want it.

  2. Seamless Text-to-Speech Tool Integration
    Imagine your headline not only in words, but also in a captivating voice. Cohesive AI’s text-to-speech tool lets you do just that! Infuse your headline with personality by converting it into an engaging audio clip, and with 10+ languages available, you can connect with a wider audience like never before.

  3. Multi-Language Support
    Want your personal brand making noise all over the world? Our multi-language support lets you translate your headline into 10+ languages, making sure you're reaching professionals from different corners of the world.

  4. Ideas on the Go
    Running low on headline ideas? Our powerful idea generator has your back. It churns out tailor-made headline suggestions that showcase your skills and aspirations, helping you make a strong impression on anyone who visits your profile.

  5. Tailor your research with “Knowledge”
    Looking to craft a headline that stands out from the crowd? With Cohesive AI's Knowledge feature, you're not just creating a headline – you're crafting a statement. Add relevant links, files, and all your research materials to ensure your headline uses the best practices, thus boosting your profile’s impact visibility.


Quick Tips to Write the Best LinkedIn Headlines

In the modern world, your professional success depends a lot on how you present yourself on LinkedIn. That’s where creative LinkedIn headlines play an important part as they define who you are and what sets you apart. Here are some tips for writing a great headline for LinkedIn:

  1. Be specific and targeted
    Best LinkedIn headlines showcase your expertise and align with your skill sets and career goals. Let them reflect your unique professional identity.

  2. Showcase your achievements
    Never shy away from adding great achievements to your LinkedIn headlines. A headline that highlights your successes will surely catch the eye of potential employers.

  3. Use keywords strategically
    Optimize your headline with relevant keywords that describe your skills and experience. For example, if you are a Digital Marketing Specialist, you can use keywords like Digital Marketer, SEO Strategist, Content Specialist, Copywriting, etc. This will enhance your profile's visibility in searches and attract recruiters looking for professionals with expertise in digital marketing.

  4. Add a personal touch
    Make your headline uniquely yours. Inject a touch of personality that represents who you are beyond your professional achievements. Additionally, you can use our AI voice generator to create voiceovers of your LinkedIn profile section.

  5. Keep updating regularly
    Your LinkedIn headline is not set in stone. Update your headline and LinkedIn About section regularly to reflect changes in your career, skills, or professional goals. Keep it fresh and relevant. When you’re looking for jobs, you should turn on the “open to work” feature on LinkedIn to increase your chances of discoverability. That’s where it gets crucial to write best Linkedin headlines. It increases your chances of attracting recruiters and potential employers, making you more discoverable in job searches.


Some real LinkedIn headline examples that work the best

Picture yourself in the vast ocean of social media, where LinkedIn serves as your gateway to new career horizons and enriching connections. Take inspiration from these real LinkedIn headline examples that showcase the art of getting noticed and leaving a lasting impression.

  1. "Lead Consultant in Soft Skills training transforming SMB & Corporate clients on African investment opportunities."

    This headline is attention-grabbing and informative. It shows the person's job title and the value they can offer to clients, making them stand out to recruiters and prospects.

  2. "Product Marketing Head @ HubSpot | UC Berkeley Haas Accelerated Access Admit | Director @ Out4Undergrad"

    Don't be afraid to show off your achievements and qualifications. This LinkedIn headline uses separators to make it easy to read and highlights the person's diverse experiences.

  3. "People Operations Leader & Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) / Mogul Top 100 DEI Leaders / Jumpstart 100 Remarkable Women in HR."

    Highlight your accomplishments and recognition. This headline showcases the person's leadership roles and achievements, proving their expertise in the field of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

  4. International Product Marketing & Storytelling Lead ❤️ HubSpot | All thing CRM | ????️ Creators of the Metaverse Podcast | Web3 & NFTs | Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging | ???? Author: Content Design | ???? Sustainability"

    Get creative with emojis as separators! This headline shows the person's multifaceted skills and interests, giving others a glimpse into their passions and expertise.

  5. Sales Engineering and Enablement at Flatfile
    Sometimes, simplicity is key. This headline gets straight to the point, letting people know what the person does and how they contribute to their company's success.


FAQs for LinkedIn Headline Generator

  1. What is your LinkedIn headline?
    Your LinkedIn headline is the first thing people see on your profile. It appears with your name and offers a brief snapshot of your identity and value proposition. It's a powerful tool to capture the attention of recruiters and prospects and entice them to explore your profile further.

  2. How can I create attention-grabbing LinkedIn headlines using the LinkedIn headline generator?
    Using Cohesive AI’s LinkedIn headline generator, you can create attention-grabbing headlines by simply providing key details like your profession, skills, and achievements. Our powerful AI editor helps craft engaging headlines that showcase your unique value and expertise.

  3. What makes up a good headline for my LinkedIn profile?
    Your profile headline for LinkedIn should showcase your uniqueness. Highlight the problems your company solves, your target audience, and the type of content you share. Make it stand out and leave a lasting impression.

  4. Are headlines important, when I show “open to work” on LinkedIn?
    Headlines are crucial for job seekers on LinkedIn. They are the first thing recruiters see and can influence their decision to explore your profile. Using Cohesive AI's LinkedIn headline generator, you can create catchy and attention-grabbing headlines that showcase your skills and attract potential employers.

  5. How can the AI voice generator help you build a successful professional brand on LinkedIn?
    You need to leverage different content formats to get the best out of LinkedIn, be it for job opportunities, building networks, or generating leads for your business. You could use AI voices to narrate your resume in short and embed it in your portfolio. This way, Cohesive AI's text-to-speech tool helps you craft compelling voice overs that boost your networking game to the next level.

  6. Is there a free trial for the AI LinkedIn headline generator?
    Yes, absolutely! We offer a free trial that allows you to experience all the powerful features and capabilities of our LinkedIn headline generator. Sign up now to explore the potential of crafting compelling and impactful headlines for your LinkedIn profile.

Write best LinkedIn headlines in 3 easy steps


Specify the key details

Specify details like your profession, your core skills, whether you are open to work on LinkedIn, preferred tone etc. You can also add relevant references and links to the best LinkedIn profiles you admire.


Personalize your research using Knowledge

Easily add your personal collection of links, documents containing LinkedIn headline examples through Knowledge. This empowers your research process to give you the best headline for LinkedIn.


Polish and you’re done

You’re just a step away from having a noteworthy headline for LinkedIn. Edit the first draft using our powerful AI editor, which can even help you generate your LinkedIn About sections. You could also generate AI voiceovers to further diversify your personal brand using our text-to-speech tool. Once done, you’ll be set to take your LinkedIn profile to new heights and watch your connections grow!