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Last month in AI: March 2023 roundup 👩‍💻

Last month in AI: March 2023 roundup 👩‍💻

AI has been around for longer than we know, but 2023 looks like the year where it flourishes. The spectacular era of AI has begun. It’s here, and it’s here to stay.

The month of March was insane in terms of developments in AI. From the GPT-4 launch to ChatGPT being banned in Italy, the trajectory of the series of events in March will go down in AI history.

Let’s explore snippets of the striking developments in AI:

🗓️ 14th March, ‘23: GPT-4 is released & takes the market by storm 🧬

After ChatGPT went viral for its functionality, implications & potential based on the GPT 3.5 model, the release of GPT-4 was something everyone was patiently waiting for. 500x more powerful than ChatGPT, GPT-4 can  process different types of data — videos, images, sounds, numbers, and many more.

Read more about GPT-4 & other AI news here!

🗓️ 15th March, ‘23: Generate images 5x better with Midjourney v5 🎨

Text-to-image generating tool, Midjourney, launched its v5 version and it did not disappoint at all.  For generative AI tools, prompts are crucial and one can get better results by being specific & training the tool with enough data to produce what you expect. We saw Midjourney’s Discord server bombarded with prompts leading to a waitlist in image generation, which is a testament to the number of people experimenting & unleashing their creativity!

Learn about Midjourney & how to use it. Read now!

🗓️ 16th March, ‘23:  Microsoft 365 Copilot: ‘Reinventing productivity for everyone’ 💻

‘Your copilot for work’ confirmed the ongoing AI race and now, the big guns are out. Corporates have jumped onto the bandwagon of exploring AI & integrating it into existing workflows to be efficient and make space for more creative work. Microsoft’s launch is just the first piece of the AI domino, the following weeks in March were only packed with updates on AI, everywhere.

Go to our AI Roundup #2 to know more about Copilot’s launch & other news.

🗓️ 15th March - 20th March, ‘23: Corporate AI: Companies that have adopted GPT-4 👨‍💼

Post  the GPT-4 launch, it came to light that certain corporate firms like Strip & LinkedIn were already ahead in the game as they had early-access to GPT-4 and were already building on it.

Adoption of GPT-4 across businesses marks the beginning of the AI revolution & we can all hope to see tools that will transform the way we work, in the near future.
Explore in detail about other news in AI that week, see more!

🗓️ 20th March, ’23: Gen-2 of text-to-video generating AI 🥈

After text-to-text generative AI with ChatGPT, we were all amazed at text-to-image generation via Stable Diffusion. It’s only logical to expect a text-to-video generative AI but the idea seemed a little far fetched. Enter “Runway”, a tool that takes input via text and generates videos up to 3 seconds based on the prompt.

“It’s like filming something new, without filming anything at all!”

Find out about Gen-1 & Gen-2 versions of Runway and other AI news in our AI Roundup #3.

🗓️ 21st March, ‘23: Adobe launches Firefly 🔥

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft’s 365 Copilot launch was just the beginning of developments in AI being adopted by corporate firms. It acted as a catalyst and hence, Adobe launched Firefly, to enable generating media content via their suite of apps and services.

This is a game changer for content & media creation.

Check it out in detail!

🗓️ 23rd March, ‘23: ChatGPT plugins - OpenAI’s ‘App Store’ moment 🏪

We may have just witnessed OpenAI’s app store moment when they launched ChatGPT plugins. This is extremely crucial because now, big brands or individuals can develop & build products specific to their niche and solve problems. This also means there will be an abundance of AI tools in the market, then leading to making the choice of which tool suits your needs the best & so on.

Everyone on Discord & reddit is talking about this, discover now.

🗓️ 23rd March, ‘23: Canva’s rebuttal: A suite of AI-powered design tools 🎯

Need we say more? Canva is free & AI’s integration into design tools will disrupt how every design team across the world functions. This is Canva joining the AI race, and we’re excited to see what they come up with next!

Dive into the “Magic” here!

🗓️ 24th March, ‘23: Bill Gates on the future of AI 🚀

“The age of AI has begun”, Bill Gates published a 7 page letter talking about the scope of AI & outlining its implications. Microsoft is aiming to be a leader in the field of AI, and everyone is eagerly waiting for the next development, after the copilot launch.

There’s no doubt about the future being AI driven, but the question lies in its moderation and usage in the right manner.

Gates said a lot more, take a look!

🗓️ 20th - 25th March, ‘23: AI makes it to social media 🤖

After the launch of multiple tools in the month of March, people got creative, as expected. Images using Midjourney were generated and used for Macron rioting, Trump’s arrest amid the current chaos & even the Pope was seen sporting a Balenciaga puffer jacket.

These went viral across social media and also started up conversations about how the quality of images are so realistic that it is believable and around the ease of spreading misinformation using generative AI.

Here are details of the incidents mentioned above, dive into it!

🗓️ 30th March, ‘23: Pause on AI, an open letter 🤓

“Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter,” published via Future of Life institute was signed by 1332 people, including Elon Musk & Steve Woznaik. This is a note to pause experimenting/training AI for at least 6 months stating that AI is flooding our information channels with propaganda & untruth, and that automating all the jobs could possibly risk loss of control of our civilization.

🗓️ 31st March, ‘23: ChatGPT banned in Italy over privacy concerns 🚫

Amidst the race to develop AI rapidly, which Musk thinks is out of control in his plea to pause all AI experiments, Italy is the first country to ban ChatGPT over privacy concerns. Discussions on spreading misinformation & AI replacing jobs is why Italy has banned OpenAI’s chatbot and will take a decision post an investigation on ChatGPT’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Link with details of the ban.

We cannot anticipate what the future holds for us, but the month of March was definitely revolutionary, power packed with developments in AI and eventually, the first ban & a letter to pause developments. This can only mean one thing, we’re on the verge of something extraordinary.

Here’s to looking forward to what April will bring us!

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